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A common housing manor for students
I never hesitate to refer families to Harriett Bay. She is kind but direct, knows the programs she recommends, and is always supportive. Her ability to "read" kids is phenomenal and the knowledge she has accumulated over the past thirty years is most impressive.

Thank you for coming in when *** admitted that the "house of cards" he had built for his parents was a sham. Your guidance and warm assurances in spite of the tears, lies, and denial was awesome. Thanks for bringing your enormous expertise to the table!

~ D.G.

Harriett is smart, incredibly knowledgeable, and most importantly, really cares about kids. It shows in how hard she works to understand them and their families. A brilliant matchmaker, she helps educate parents and students so that they choose the school that’s best for them.

We came to Harriett when our son was 12 years old. He was facing some incredibly difficult challenges. Harriett understood them all with great compassion and found him the perfect school. Now he's 15 and thriving. Quite simply, she changed his life. We adore her.

~ F.S.

I was really having problems at my school and my parents were very disappointed in me. When I talked to Mrs. Bay about it, she came up with a new solution for me. She suggested that going away to school could really turn things around for me. That’s what happened, and it looks like being away from home has been good for my grades. Now I’m thinking about college. Thanks Mrs. Bay!

~ D.B.W.